Three Victorian poets book

Three Victorian poets book

I often get asked am I a modern poet or old school. I see myself as neither. I use some language of old school in my work, like ‘Thee’, ‘thy’ and ‘O’. Mainly, due to that I feel these have been forgotten about. At the same time, as much as I like the mysterious nature of old school poetry. I feel that modern poetry needs to be more direct, so the modern reader understands. As today’s language, is a lot less complex, and more simplified. I would like to know where, I could find information whether the language, that was spoken back then, was how they spoke, or just how the literacy form was portrayed. Such old school poetry I refer to is ‘Three Victorian Poets’ as I find some quite unique rhyme structures in there. I also like the notion, of how they use narrative poetry. I shall be posting more on rhyme structures soon.


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