21st Of December

21st Of December

Considered a normal day in the eyes of many,
But to the Mayan calendar this was said to be the end of days,
When volcanoes explode bringing fire to us all,
Storm surges and clouds  flooding destroying the land we built that took so long to grow,
Where swirling circles of air float and guide round the earth to finish the job,
But not everything has been done,
Not at all,
As hell was said to rise from the earth’s core disrupting earth’s upon its rotational spinning axis,
To the sun booming and flying us to crisp leaving us as a planet in flammable devil’s sin,
Such a luck none of this was true,
As even the mysterious planet X was a evil hoax,
So the 21st of December was an everyday occasion of  preparing for the usual presents,
And sings  that rinse us from these terrible sins.



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