Hell Spell

Hell spell is when you want to climb into a hole,
To control this mind exploding console,
Head going into super drive need to change a gear to stop relying,
On damage control,
My mentality, body and soul are beyond control,
Inferno spell an ache is where it all begins,
Wishing my brains didn’t feel split like the star sign Gemini, the twins,
Trying to gain control over this intellectual spin,
Hoping these prickly mind pins don’t win,
Someone grins and starts playing the sympathy violins,
Abyss spell won’t don’t you just go away,
Let me stay to pray,
Whilst you headache want my psyche as prey,
This really is child’s play,
Trying to push me to go astray,
Hell spell I wish you didn’t cast your spell,
Leaving me to yell within this mother shell,
Let me finally ring the alarm bell to,
Carry my soul out of this nightmare.



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