Working streets fo Cheshunt

From the working streets of Cheshunt where I grew up,
So this poetic expression is dedicated to the area, in which I arose,
On paper seems like a diplomatic achieving conservative estate,
In reality is the working man social class estate,
Surrounded by housing estates,
With nowhere really to entertain or excite you,
Still we achieved and prospered,
Looking at a reflection it would seem like this is the end,
Instead this is just the beginning my friend,
The biggest revolution is still yet to come,
So many changes making things easier,
I wonder now what path reaches true destiny,
As the old routes have turned to rumble,
So here is our epic struggle,
I’ve walked these streets time and time again,
Over time the places that I once knew, are getting replaced by the new,
Even our favorite hang outs have had the modern techno edge,
Old roots being uprooted, I wonder now how long the schools will remain unchanged,
Old ways, old school being replaced by technologies revolutionary swagger,
New ways not being true making the area crumble, uproot, misbehave and under appreciated,
Freedoms and old revolutions seem like basic civil liberties,
Parents being taken as the fool as their children become lazy,
Uneducated with attitude and poisonous moral codes fulfill their shoes,
Please bring back some old school moral codes to give these streets of Cheshunt some moral dignity.


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