Even more of a dramatic day

So on Friday I was hoping to after dinner, to sit down, and have time to write. This was not possible for a number of reasons.

Firstly, our oven decided it didn’t want to turn itself off, Fanflippytastic. So had to put coat and shoes on wake my little man up. Whilst the other half was ringing the national grid, the people who deal with gas. Then we decided we should ring, the fire brigade ,as the smoke started to get worse. So were waiting outside in the cold. Little man had wet himself, so his cold as hell. Luckily I brought his coat, and blanket to keep him warm. Basically it turned out our grill had a fault and that’s what caused it. Then the gas man condemned our cooker as knackered. So we were back in doors, with our cold dinner sitting on the table, and an extremely wired son, who was excited by the lights, and probably thought it was fireman Sam.

So on that night, I had to stay up with the little man, trying to finish a chapter of writing my book, but it just wasn’t happening. So I tried to get as much sleep as possible. The next day we had to ring our landlady and explain the whole thing. She was totally cool with it. That day we decided to treat our self’s to some clothes and that. Then that led to today a much better day. And tonight I am happy to report I shall be writing a chapter of my book. 🙂 Hope everyone is okay and all.


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