Caister on sea Holiday, and Writing Progress

English: Britannia Pier, Marine Parade, Great ...
English: Britannia Pier, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So okay this is my latest update. Have been on holiday in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, which was completely fab. We stayed with Haven. Which I would totally recommend to anyone who has kids. My son is totally absorbed in the seaside squad, which was quite surprising as he is only two. In  terms of writing the past week I have had a break from all writing, which I felt was necessary as one still needs to lead a normal life. Unless one wants to drive themselves into despair for not knowing how to word the next chapter of a book. Or what issue to cover in my poetry book. I will admit I am not the best person in terms of writing, but I shall try my best. With my work I am cutting out everyone apart from the author and the editor. All the covers of my books, are done by myself, as I think that is the only way the true interpretation of a book can be portrayed. Am currently sitting here watching a documentary on Fiona Banner. Which kind of makes me think about my disposal of my fine art, maybe after writing these books, I may return to them at some point. Maybe I will just create digital works that can be created on Zazzle.


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