Creatures Of The Night

Badgers their appearance, is rather many bold stripes, as it sniffs,
Bat that hides in the darkness, of a cave, within a cliff,
Dingo running free, in the vast, deep forest,
Beaver builds its dam, carefully so it doesn’t riff,
Cockroach that breed, and live in your daily rubbish gift,
Cricket scavengers seeds from plants, aiding the decline of the forest.

Great grey slug can be found, upon people’s wet back door,
Hamster moves peacefully, as they explore,
Hedgehog that moves along with its tiny toes,
Koala slowly moves in the air, as it soars,
Leopard moves gracefully, as it roars,
Ocelot is a black, spotty hunting foe.

Lion that runs as, fast as a flash of lightning,
Wombat food’s digestion system is rather slow,
Owl, gazing upon the souls down below,
Scorpion, the sight of it can be quite frightening.

Skunk their raft, and smell is enough, to pass you out,
Tarantula gives off, tiny, sharp spears,
Wolf it’s howling, can travel right through your ears,
Possum group together, like they are boy scouts.


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