Poems, chapters and paper

As I find myself being surrounded my endless bits of paper containing poems, chapters and information gathered about promoting myself or my books. Today I have managed to reach a target of 73 out of 150 poems for my book. My second poetry book entitled ‘My World’. The book is laid out in three sub headings of society, politics and nature.

Also today I have managed to submit a poem into www.subprimal.com online magazine under the theme of origins and destinations. Which the deadline was tomorrow, so was kind of luckily that it was a) free and b) an online submission. So if they like my poem I should hear back in 60 days according to the site anyways.

Also I’m slowly that I need to read and read my work over and over again to check for errors. Which is an author no no but when you read your own work, you don’t notice until you read it again after a while.

So anyways that’s everything and a reminder my first book ‘Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection Of Poems’ is available to purchase on amazon websites. So check it out and leave some feedback if you feel like, which on my end would be very appreciated.


Night Night people


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