Self Publishing

Some people still undermine people who self publish, like there work isn’t credible enough to be worthy of being available, to an audience. That a true poet is someone who has published poetry with poetry magazines. The matter of poetry magazines is they like what they like. They aren’t interested in how you write your work, unless it meets there required taste. This is a fact regardless of your style of poetry, this will always remain true, no matter how much poetry style changes over time.

So I don’t really see what the huge problem is with me self publishing my work, even Shakespeare is on Kindle now, truly that says something in itself.

The perks of publishing with a credible publisher is a mere having there name to your book, yeah they may do promotions but all the marketing and getting your name known is your responsibility. Plus you have to pump a huge scum of money into getting published in the first place, then there is no guarantee it will be successful. So who has lost out, you not the publisher. The publisher still got there cut and made a profit.

One publisher I queried about my fiction book said it will cost be over 500 pounds to get it published.  So self publishing would mean I have full control, make a bigger return and have to do more hard work. Either way, I rather have all the editing, and covers done by myself, at least it has my stamp of approval on it. Rant over.


On a more positive note, I now have had my first author interview on MARSocial.

And as a kind thank you there help, I have been submitting poetry and trying to sort out some artist interviews for their website. I have the motto of you scratch my back I scratch yours. All exposure is good exposure right. After all, if people don’t like my poetry that is there choice, but it doesn’t mean everyone will. I mean not everyone has read every historical poet known to mankind have they.





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