This is probably my least favorite word, whether creative or in my everyday life. At this time of day, I find myself getting irritated. As I wait for my three year old son to decide to go asleep, after a busy hectic day of socializing. To waiting for people to get back in touch, to seeing my work up online.

I also find myself wondering are they taking me seriously, I hope my kind nature doesn’t make them think. She’s not serious enough. Well I am, the only thing that ever held me back in everything is money.

Which is another thing in life we have to wait for. I constantly find that most things in the creative arts you have to throw countless money at whether is be awards, competitions or anything really.

Then when you finding clear your mind of all the other things you want to do, in my case all the below dots:

  • get my son’s nursery, eyes, ears sorted out. I have so far sorted his speech out but the rest is waiting on people again.
  • build my social platform, which is slowly growing
  • getting artist interviews done for MARSocial website
  • entering poetry magazines
  • submitting poetry online
  • general promoting of  work

One day I hope I be able to create a tick plan per day to keep up with all creative stuff.

Then when you finally sit down we a nice cuppa, or a glass of coke cola as it is tonight for me you find yourself doing what others would consider the world’s most annoying habit. The thing that always made people look at you in the exam and get frustrated as they are trying to concentrate. You find yourself doing this, pen tap, pen tap, pen tap to a random beat on your paper, as you try to drag words out of your brain.

Today as I have submitted poetry online I now have no time today to make any progress on my work. I know it seems like its taking forever for me to get this book out. I know it sucks but I will get there. This is the problem when you are multitasking, your brain sadly as much as you don’t want it to, can only really focus on one thing at a time. Which is probably good thing, because then you can do things at a great level and become more respected.




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