As yesterday slips and another day dawns.My son has decided not to go to sleep despite every effort to tire him out. It is now gone one clock in the morning, instead of being tucked up in bed with the other half, my son has got the hump for some strange reason. I watching old school top gear just to keep my mind awake and my son happy. What boy doesn’t love cars.

With that being said I have finally managed to clear my inbox emails that have built up over the days. I have been submitting poetry to magazines still awaiting feedback or a response. Have done first artist interview check out the link on my about page.

I think Graham Noble did a great job on the formatting of the interview, alongside the artist’s work.

Jeez I am mega tired, it is not normal to be awake at this time, I wish I was three again. Nah scrap that, because if I was I wouldn’t be able to do this.

Creativity to me, is a sanctuary, a place where I can let everything go, say fuck the world, embrace cultures and varying art styles. I love learning and helping people out.  Sometimes I get freaked out by my own mind, because it is ten steps ahead of my mouth, my writing hand. I can come across as blunt, but I see it as cutting the bullshit it out. I have never been a fan of waffle though when I talk about politics person to person I can find myself waffling for hours. Guess that makes me a bit of a hypocrite but ain’t we all in our own deluded way. All the people who have met or live with me can, can vouch for my waffling,

I am the mug, the creative teabag is my drink,

I am the pendant, it is my chain,

I am the toy, it is the child,

I am the dot to dot lady,

I am not original,

I am just  a Nutter,

Trying to succeed.

Wherever my mind takes me is where I shall go.




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