Poem, Poem , Poem

Poetry people conceive as being difficult the writing part I don’t think is hard once you have decided a structure. The hardest part is finding something to write about that isn’t boring or a yawn. Although originally I was just going to do society, politics, and nature in ‘My World’ book, I didn’t think the book would be complete without some love seductive heart quenching poems that will brighten the book up.

For example this brightness would be needed not only because the book would feel incomplete without it because lets face it love probably is the only thing trying to keep the world spinning. It definitely isn’t nature because that keeps bugging up ever few months because of our own native nature of  using cars and that. Thinking that it won’t have an affect on the world. Let’s not even mention money or the economy because that will just get me waffling on for hours which is not what this post is about.

Anyways back to what I was saying the society section will deal with issues of school, change in society, morals,judgement , stereotyping, categorizing and feeling you need to conform. Acceptance is a huge theme though this section.

Politics section deforestation, migration, recession , elections, war, naive nature to unequal standards and respect. Think I may put my north vs south poem in this section which describe s the difference and social feeling of south London vs north which is more run down.

Nature I think speaks for itself, rain, wind, sun  etc.

So I think I have to put some love poems in there two, plus it would be a nice follow on from my first book  ‘Love, Hurt and Loss A Collection Of Poetry’

My poetry once again will be in a contemporary style with versus rhyming structures.  Too many to list on here but theirs one poetry form that’s not in the book and that is haiku’s.


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