Knackered, Tired and Shattered

Knackered, tired and  shattered  are words that are going through my head right now. When your body feels like it can’t take anymore punishment you feel like you been dragged through a hedge backwards. Today I have had a lay in to start the day , this was nice and made a change to waking up during the night as my lovely son didn’t want to sleep.

So today I have been to subway to treat the other half as his always treating me, then went to fun stars an indoor adventure playground, then took our son to get enrolled at nursery and then finally went to Asda got some food. Now sitting on my ass with a banging headache. Thank you very much.

So on this note, I haven’t processed anymore interviews for two reasons, one I am really knackered and two the websites admin is currently moving house. Which is another delay.

Also due to being ridiculously knackered, I have enough energy to write this blog post before going to sleep. I love busy days but at the same time I hate them.

Later People

Take Care



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