Looking for a interview …….

Hi, I am Helen Ingram, a passionate person whose crazy about anything creative. One thing I have seen that is hard to get is exposure whether  you are an author, artist or musician or whatever rocks your boat creativity.

It is especially hard to get this exposure if you are an emerging artist, and this is where I come in.

I am a regular contributor to  the MARSocial website www.marsocial.com

I am also the founder to the website New Art United

If you visit this website then you will see I have already interviewed some people that include the following:

Artist Aziz Anzabi

Artist Trisha Lambi

Conductor Maestro Jay Meetze

Solo artist Micheal McFarland

Modern Rock Band Dead End Sky

Derek Allen from band Counterfeit I

Jerry Danielson Poet/Composer

Nobert Waysberg Artist

Joep Egmond Artist

Tim Allen Artist

Damon Leon Solo Artist

Artist Tony Goodwin

Rapper Young Pifiii

Artist GK Brock

So as you can see from the few above that they are successful in getting exposure and over time your interview will get more exposure.

So if you are interested in having an interview then contact me via LinkedIn which can be found along the sidebar.

Alternatively you can just click here


Is there a catch nope this is completely free the only thing I ask is that your follow me or befriend me on one of my social sites. I will not interview companies as MARSocial terms and conditions does not permit this.

Due to back log of interviews that were being requested and it taking so long for MARSocial to put the interviews up online. I have decided to set up my own website called New Art United.

As you can see I already have some interviews up, its still in its early stages but over time more content will be uploaded.



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