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As one is trying to expand one’s creative process of how I can portray my poetry. I have one major dilemma. I have recorded audio but have no means of getting it on here. Great, fantastic, technology fails me once again.


As in terms of poetry development these are my current stats for the sections of my poetry book ‘My World’


Society 43 out of 50

sigh 1

Politics 26 out of 50

nature 1Nature 24 out of 50

love 1

Love 4 out of 50

So as you can see I have a mega way to go. As I explained in a previous post, its not how I want to write it, its finding a topic which gets on my brace and bits (tits) which as the moment is proving very hard. As one quite frankly is happy, everything is going well. Maybe I ain’t brainstorming my topics hard enough.

If anyone has any idea of how I can put audio on here that would be fantastic and also I am debating whether to have it as apart of a post or as a widget. Suggestions people are very much welcome, on this. I do quite frankly admit when I don’t know everything.

I am however once these poems are done, looking forward to making the book trailer as unlike my first poetry book ‘Love, Hurt and Loss A Collection Of Poetry’ which had quite a narrow amount of themes so there was less creative wise to do in the book trailer.

So watch this space, once things start moving which they should do quite soon. As my son’s nursery is now sorted out.

Later people.


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