‘Pride’ A Poem that will feature in ‘My World’

You feel as though,

It has died,

No matter how much you try,

Your echoing cries,

Will never weaken the almighty governments,

Human rights laws,

Sometimes you feel like you should break jaws,

Till the day that they saw,

A torn out divide,

Of wounded shattered dreams,

That people of high authorities acted like their lives would be so ream,

Forgetting how it feels to be part of that weeping stream,

Failing to work as a team,

If only they can witness,

Real life at the poverty seam’s,

Than than their pretty richness,

Our hearts fading as our pride is now a clown,

You wonder why we have this frown,

Look around this town,

There is  nowhere to get a round,

Not even a greyhound,

Can see any enrichment,

On the horizons coastal docking shipment,

Only has foreign investment,

What happened to a home-grown business friend,

You rather have this instead,

I hope you can see what is ahead,

Best hold onto your ted,

Because if you don’t get it right,

Their maybe one mega fight,

Tp put an end to all this tight,

Mouthed political correctness,

Of not being able to speak your mind,

Do you feel what’s really in British society’s inside,

Or are you going to run and hide,

Creating your own rules,

Instead of asking what the people think,

As you know longer have any balls,

To stop this dreadful sink,

Of what should be our pride,

You know the flaws of this ride,

Try to pretend that we aren’t spiraling to our weary end,

There are no council homes, jobs, funding nor school places,

I can no longer see thy roots,

As they have drifted with a quite hoot,

As migrants have tried to shift and give them the big boot,

Stop being afraid and put an end to this forever widening divide,

Of our broken down society pride.


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