Type you damn laptop….


I know people I haven’t been posting for a while. There are a number of things for this. One as you remember my memory stick died so I now am having to retype over a years worth of poetry. Two interviews for MARSocial have been going crazy. I mean I have a list of over thirty and it keeps growing. I don’t know whether this will lead to my own self destruction of getting mega confused of whose done what.  Thirdly some strange reason the w button on the laptop has randomly decided to die so I have had to plug-in the main computer’s keyboard just to type this post. Anal I know but it works in a weird way and stops my legs overheating. Fourthly, my son is now off nursery for a week. Yay, he also doesn’t need to see speech therapy till the summer which is fantastic. Plus we finally wait for it. Have virgin, telly its been a long time coming considering how long that scaffolding was up.

So as you can imagine, one how now got to endure a days worth of football as my partner celebrates having telly after not being able to watch football for more than a month. Thank god for Xbox and catch up or else we would probably have been ripping each others hairs out.

So on that note I am going to retire to typing up more of my poetry book.

Laters people



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