Slowly but surely

As interviews creep in forever more the list keeps growing, as they get ticked off one by one.  I find myself being surrounded by an endless amount of chaos. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a bit of chaos now and again.

My son is forever growing more soppy by the day his latest obsession being cuddled and my doctor who figures. The doctor and a cyberman kissing just wouldn’t happen in real life.

My attention has also been drawn to politics, as I had an opportunity to vote the other day, but couldn’t as we had recently moved to stoke.

I would have voted UKIP. . I believe they say what has been on many minds for years. Also generally hopefully if they get in they will stick to what was said in there manifesto and not change it. Or alter it as soon as they come into power. As has been witnessed by politicians of the past. I leave that at that. I don’t want to depress my day by writing about politics.

I have typed up so far 32 poems of 200 yay, progress which is a miracle as my son hasn’t wanted me to be on the laptop which is fair enough. To be honest.

Anyways stay tuned for more updates and check out my interviews page regularly as more interviews fingers crossed should be going up soon.

I am off to increase the number of poems I have typed up.





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