I will I can I do

These words at the moment would probably sound something that we as people would like to think we do well. When reality is that we don’t unless it’s something personal. There are few that will help and help alike.  Like that book you say you going to read is most likely still sitting there gathering dust or laying lonely in the eReader. People who read books don’t seem to know how important a review is. An average review is fine. The thing that I never understand is how we have the ability and time to blog, tweet or Facebook. But never to leave review, of a number of stars and words that can be less than a sentence.

A review to an artist, musician or as an author is gold dust. It is in a way a kind way of saying thank you for your handwork. Which in no doubt if you were in their shoes, you would understand the appreciation.

Also another reason why I write these words is that I am able to juggle family life,  MARSocial interviews, creative writing, and two blogs. This one and also that of the one. In which I do author interviews on. I am now going to be focusing on my creative writing and getting more of the poetry book typed up.


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