My writing process blog tour

Thank you for inviting me to participate in the ‘My Writing Process Blog Tour’ Jean Reinhardt

Jean: What are currently working on?

Helen: I am currently in the process of typing up my second poetry book ‘My World’ and working on my first fiction book which the basic outline of the story is done. I need to develop, expnd and edit the story to make it more complete.

Jean: How does your work differ from others of its genre?

Helen:  My poetry work doesn’t stick to a particular type. If anything its a mixture of all styles and types as I create my own rhyme structures. I guess I write for here and now so its definately modern and contemporary. There is a lot more rhyme in ‘My World’ than ‘Love, hurt and loss a collection of poetry.’ I like to draw on real life and its situations. To express the joys, sadness, morals and how modern life effects us all. ‘My World’ is divided into four parts society, politics, nature and love.

My fiction book which hasn’t got a title yet but here’s a blurb

‘Rebecca is a private school drop put, she lives in Devon on a farm and she’s an Emo.  All she wants is a place to belong but modern life of internet and the school bully is set to make her life hell. Rebecca is left to make a huge decision that will change her life forever.’

I do plan for this book to be part of a series, it would definitely class as YA fiction and thriller.

Jean: Why do you write what you do?

Helen:  Other than drawing from real life situations and commenting on stuff that effects us all. I think I like to portray people at their most vulnerable state, this is how i came to develop the character Rebecca. I think when you are a teenager everything is new and your innocent to the world. A small fish in a big pond. Life is a lot more dangerous and socially aware than what is was growing up in the past. This is one thing I hope to highlight in my fiction book.

Jean: How does your writing process work?

Helen: My writing process is a long one I take my time to ensure it all says I would read that. I also make sure my poetry relates to stuff that is current and not old and outdated.

Love, Hurt And Loss: A Collection Of Poetry

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