Fresh start, Fresh Beginnings…..

So as summer draws near, people would normally be dreading the time off that their kids have.I on the other hand can’t wait as I have secured a new nursery place closer to home for Cameron to start in September. They also do a home visit to get to know Cameron in August which I think is fantastic. All the timed I have been their so far it gives off a good vibe and the people seem to enjoy there work. Plus the kids were outside FANTASTIC!, this is what my son needs.

Open space to play and variety 🙂

So today I shall be informing the his current nursery that he will be leaving come the end of this term.Hopefully during this time their won’t be anymore problems.Today  I am hoping on getting some more poetry typed up and get some interviews done.

Despite everything that has gone with his nursery moving to stoke I have no regrets. Cameron has access to outdoor space which has made a huge difference as Cameron has space to let off stream.


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