If you want a job done do it yourself!

Right there has been many changes that have occurred recently. One being my little boy is no talking more and has learnt to say ‘dancing’ whilst popping away to nursery rhymes on his toy CD player. Secondly he eaten some fish, they were fish fingers but this as a huge breakthrough for my little boy. He also has eaten garlic bread when his had his small pizza. My son is a very fussy eater. In terms of his appointments his speech therapist was pleased with his progress; and of his kind loving nature. Her had his first proper eye test where it was discovered that he could be long sighted in one eye. This is not a surprise as both sides of the family has bad eyesight, me being one of them.  So he now has an appointment for someone to look at the back of his eyes.

This Friday my son has got a hearing test. Me and my partner are also considering changing his nursery as his current one just seems to be making him upset and there aren’t able to met his needs.  Also due to being a fussy eater he may need to see a dietician. If his range of foods doesn’t improve. So fingers crossed.

Other news my poetry work is slow due to everything that has happened. Also when editing and retyping there have been some poems that were scrapped due to not being that good. As I want my readers to see a big change in quality of poetic structure. My fiction book I fear will take even longer, as this would require more time and energy.

The other change you will notice when looking through my menu  is that I have uploaded artist interviews on to New Art United. New Art United is a site I created for new and upcoming artists to have a platform in which they can be interviewed for free. I am looking to add more stuff as time goes on but at the moment it’s just artist interviews.

I made this reason as it will allow me to deal directly with artists rather than being the middle person also there is more authorship for my hard work.

So talk soon people.



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