When you can’t believe what you are seeing…..w

One day I shall meet the stokes answer to my son’s first nursery to which I only ever had to go in once when Cameron wasn’t eating and we thought he might be being bullied, Just turned out Cameron as becoming fussy. That experience was nothing compared to what I heard today when I spoke to the deputy manager of Cameron’s current nursery. I had many important and serious concerns which if left unaddressed would have resulted in my child potentially becoming ill left in their charge everyday full-time.

Thankfully Cameron’s only does the fifteen hours funded. Cameron had repeatedly had not been given his inhaler as apparently they could not administer the inhalers as they hadn’t got written doctors slips that provide the details to prove that my son is on them. It took them four weeks to decided to ring the health visitor to check that Cameron is on inhalers for asthma . This lack of information was never brought up before.

Cameron also hadn’t been receiving regular creaming of his eczema  cream. This shocked me hugely as they are supposed to know these things. It was all written done when he joined the nursery but none of it was given till i opened my mouth. 😦  This could have been serious especially on the asthma front, as outbreak can quickly turn into an attack. We have nearly lost our Son twice to it. So you can imagine anxiety levels.

They have even asked when do you want him to be creamed when his scratching or got dry skin. It isn’t rocked science is it.  Today when I picked him up they said they had creamed him, despite missing his creased and back and inside of his legs. Certain parts of his arms were also dry.  This was quite upsetting as it was after I had spoken to the deputy manager in the morning.

Also during last week Cameron behavior was odd and not like him. It has been revealed that his picked it up from another child within the nursery which is sad to think they let the behavior go unpunished only using a thinking chair. What three-year old understands the concept of a thinking chair.  I was also concerned as Cameron seemed to be playing by himself a lot when I arrived to pick him up. I was concerned that they hadn’t fully encouraged him to mingle and get involved in stuff.

The deputy manager then said it may be due to him being a cockney and them being stokes. At this I as hugely offended and felt discriminated against. So I reply with, so you saying it’s because my child is different.

Also when me and Cameron went to look for the books visible to the eye on quick glance is one book on a wooden shelf and a further fifteen books in a wire basket.My son couldn’t find them and he knows what a book is if you know what I mean.  This is meant to be a child’s play environment a playroom that isn’t messy do they not play!

Government says a child needs at least one hour a day outside to play, apparently having a corridor makes it less viable to get the children out everyday.  Again this is just lazy. I am surprised Ofsted haven’t closed them down. Today was the first time I saw Cameron’s file which outlines how his meeting the curriculum. All the other times the file wasn’t available or on site upon request.

Apparently early years foundation stage means a child would have to start again if they moved nursery, as they can’t take another nurseries observations and reports as part of that child’s education surely they just have to divide it up and say time spent at such nursery observations curriculum areas met etc. You wouldn’t restart any other curriculum but why is it so for the early years foundation stage.

Rant over,

On more positive notes New Art United seems to be taking off really well.I hope by doing this a diversity of art can be appreciated and valued in its wide range of styles, topics and origins of creativity.


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