Have you ever felt so lost,

That it makes you wonder why you aren’t posh,

Is it indeed why you no longer give a toss,

As you sink deeper into that struggle,

Whilst others say your lifestyle is a liberty,

Let if they were there,

Then they would believe differently,

Never knowing if your roof will remain,

As you try to tame,

What your kids dream of there have’s and gains,

Your life seems a shame,

That you  wish your bitter end will come,

You try so hard,

Trying to keep your head up high,

Amongst this sliding economy slide,

You swallow your pride,

Handing out business cards,

For anything as long as it gets you by,

Another night,

So you can tell your kids everything is alright,

For another sleepiest night,

Holding your young tight,

Hoping they don’t go through this status fight.


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