If history was rewritten,

That no one sailed out to sea,

To discover land is not flat,

But indeed round,

That countries were never discovered,

Never knowing its past or its present.


If history shown us,

To be loyal to the ten commandments,

If their was no other knowledge,

Than your own mind,

To never processing a name,

As nothing had a name.


Knowing no other land,

So theirs nothing to gain or conquer,

Imagine being wild,

Disease, animals and hunger,

As your neighbor.


Having no walls, television or internet,

Just clean air and the crisp blue sky,

The shimmering sunset against the darkness,

Its complex landscape so beautiful and true,

To it’s purest form,

Of heavenly creation.


How much we may have changed,

Their would of been no wars,

Everyone dying of nature’s ways,

Of the joys and sin,

To loving one and no other.


Being forced, or obliged to stay loyal and true,

Your identity your sacrifice,

A body a temple,

The tempting apple tree,

That breeds life from its vines,

To give its joy and a rocking baby to hand.


Being able to thank,

All the people who made the world,

A better place today,

To saving lives,

Giving knowledge,

To making standards,

Having rules and structure,

To end hurt and suffering,

Thank the lord,

That one day,

Their will be no more naivety anymore.


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