Sweep me up to the heavenly sky,

Of peaceful emptiness,

To unwind and feel completely let loose,

Mind at ease and surrendering to rest.


Sweep me away from the stresses of life,

That cause my mind to worry,

Getting into meaningless fights with the wife,

Making you feel bad and deeply sorry.


Sweep me into the purest of happiness,

Where I feel free and truly exposed,

My deep inner soul speaks so tenderly and true,

Now can you see why  I often feel blue.


Sweep me down into your saving grace,

Mend my broken torn vines,

That have endured and shredded tears,

Over many years,

Heal the ruptures so gently but also strong.


Sweep  me through like a fighting plant,

Enduring all and seeing everything to its end,

Battling forwards always trying to shine like a rose.




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