Two Hearts

Melting of two tender hearts,
Captured together right from the start,
As their darkest secrets,
Their tender delicate vines,
Meet across the room,
Eyes are seeking out the mystery,
Whilst their hearts remain guarded,
As their minds try to forget their past history,
Am I rushing into this way too soon?
Eyes start to show that shimmering forgotten shine,
As past regrets,
Start to surface and show their deadly art,
That’s why lovers should never part.

Embraced in each others grace,
The seductive touch of a caress,
Upon one’s smooth silky flesh,
Sends shivers down ones spine,
As we lay together like a well-drawn outline,
Hands start slowly wonder east and west,
Undoing the black lace dress,
Our hearts begin to race.

There is no going back now as we both lay exposed,
Sliding the act of love takes hold,
The teasing ways of love,
Melting sensations,
Takes away the aches and stresses of the day,
As our bodies give way,
Love leaves you wanting more like an addiction,
Climaxing as we both tilt our heads and look above,
Our hearts catches its breath and feels sold,
As our rosy cheeks begin to glow,
Now our love will forever grow.


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