No Matter What

No matter what,

I am always here for you,

Countless times of hearing tut,

Sinks deep inside and leaves you cut,

Can’t they see your adorable smiles?

That keeps people happy for miles,

We know how to have a laugh,

Even when you play with toys in the bath,

Your outgoing confidence I adore,

Wishing others will embrace,

Take as you are, as you are only four,

Instead they want education to be a race,

Let they probably don’t know fun,

Even if it stared them in the face,

No matter what the weather rain or sun,

Your energy is always ace,

Granted you may be cheeky,

In your ways,

Even a bit sneaky,

At times when you want to have your say,

Don’t they realize?

They can’t change you,

No matter how much they put us through,

You may not be perfect,

No one is, not even when you are eighty eight,

You may not always get it right,

Sometimes getting into a fight,

Trying to tame you,

Keep you out of sight,

Don’t they see how much time?

We have spent,

Putting their whining chimes to rest,

You can only try your best,

Can’t they move on and leave it to rest,

You’re only four,

Can’t they remember?

They were that age,

It makes my emotions roar,

Even since the beginning of September,

They have left nothing but bad,

It leaves me sad,

To think this is what they see as true,

At least no matter what,

You can always rely on us two.



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