Busy busy 

So as people have probably gathered I have managed to do the following:

  • Create a logo and banner for New Art United
  • Get more content up on site for New Art United
  • New Art United is an ambitious plan of mine but determination is what I shall be
  • Creating more poetry and artwork
  • My son is now loving school and is going to show that he can be himself and learn and asthma is improving.
  • My health is still up in the air I have good days and bad days. My family and creative world make life more bearable.
  • I will not let my conditions define me but give me strength and inspire me.

New plans

  1. To carry on with New Art United
  2. Get my work out there more
  3. Keep creating
  4. And yes to finish my world which needs retyping and editing again.
  5. To create a new body of artwork on a smaller scale that can be easily transported and can be easily stored away so little tiny hands don’t go on it.

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