Thyroid disease:

Things have become much harder, I am now looking forward to seeing my neurologist on the 24th October. My body is clicking even more now and the shooting aches are starting to affect my walking and make me pause what im doing to allow the pain to pass. This is partly the reason for not posting but other things that have been occurring extreme tiredness to the point of needing caffeine to just to keep your eyes awake if I didn’t have caffeine I think I would be asleep majority of the day. So my lovely fiancée has been helping me once again with our son with school runs, and with the housework. I am finding that I am starting to space out I be walking near somewhere then I will be halfway down the road with no recall of walking it. When I am sleeping it feels like I have only slept for a short space of time when it has actually been hours. My family though continue to be my strength to get up and crack on with things. My son is loving school and is enjoying getting very mucky when his painting, think I have a mini artist, mini guitarist and gamer on my hands. Though now he is wanting to do maths, spelling and writing. He looks forward to school which is fantastic, this has reduced much stress and anxiety. I am still very nervous in terms of them looking after him in terms of asthma but I trust the teachers he has now fully and are able to update me there and then when his had his inhaler. I still haven’t heard anything from PIP for my mandatory reconsideration. Hopefully I hear from them soon. The only positive of being on Keppra has been no headaches though I have had shooting pains in my head and behind the ears. Behind the ears is extremely painful. I am still getting numbness and tingling. My back seems to go stiff if I sit for too long and my body temp seems fluctuating and becoming worse, which doesn’t help when it’s already cold. I don’t whether its my anxiety my meds but my moods have been so up and down. I have been more low than usual, wish I had a magic wand make it all go away. Need a much less stressful year compared to last years don’t think my body could handle that much stress again.


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