Now I am not one really for politics but more recently it has left me more and more baffled. I personally see everyone as equal people and animals . I believe in basic morals love respect kindness and not to hurt. Which has left me wondering. What is it that stopping us being United on basic morals? Is it failing to accept difference? Is it having the very thing of politics that have set views left wing right wing that has swayed us away from basic morals. Is it people holding a view due to acts of a few people of a past dark time. Have we not learnt from the past. Do we see each other as better more supreme to another. Do we judge people for how they live or their culture. Do we aim for the perfect form of being human not accepting our faults  failure to accept that pimple on your face that ya hips are larger than another person. Why is it that animals seem to be able to unite within their species but we have failed to do so. Is it our own intelligence that has led to this.  Causing pollution killing animals when God what ever god or spirit saw us as equal. We seem to debate and divide on everything  yes decisions have to be made on healthcare etc. But it all baffles me. Please share your views without hatred hurt or offensive nature as I am really baffled. Any comments of hatred will be blocked.


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