Dear future self

Dear future self,

Make sure you forgive those who have crossed your path,

Always apologise to people of whom have seen you at your worst,

Try not to over think,

Sit back and chill,

Take life day by day,

Live in girly pretty pink land,

Only joking but seriously chill.


Dear future self,

Try not to look back at what if and should of,

Focus on here and now before it slips by,

To remember your smile,

Even in the darkest of times,

Just keep plodding along,

Giving everything a try.


Dear future self,

When someone claims to know you,

Just think fuck you and walk away,

Those who love you,

Will truly stay,

They accept you for being you.


Dear future self,

Please for fuck sake,

Finish the pile of work,

That’s been sitting there,

For as long as a book,

Has been on the shelve.


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