These streets have me so confused,

We speak like we know the truth,

Sparkling another emotional rage with a fuse,

Anger takes hold rising as high as a roof,

Listening to the media as if it was written by an historian in a book.

Politics and politicans out for their own gain,

Whilst as society we try to maintain the postive,

Trying to stick to our morals as if it was the last meal,

Judged and critised for decisions,

Let if they saw our struggle.

Would they be able to juggle,

The last penny to keep the bill off your back,

Whilst you take another zero hours contact,

Only to get the sack,

We walk as a pack,

Not turning our backs,

As one voice is just an echo,

Whilst a group is making a stand like a lava filled volcano,

Waiting for the last straw,

To make you snap,

Everything is either a chase,

Or an uncoping battle,

Healthcare like a chaotic underground train,

Getting constantly shaken like a childs rattle,

No housing or unattainable so  a shelter is for generations,

Failing to give that better life you promised,

Slowly your neighboured looks like a shanty town,

Whilst you watch the slow decline and neglect,

Of the once proud industry  city,

As you look overseas,

Why cant they understand?

Have we always got to  play the saviour,

Why can’t you leave us be please?

Our lifestyle is no picnic,

We can’t even look after our sick,

If you were in our shoes,

You would see it too,

Selling industries for the money gain,

Not bothered about the jobs that were the working class,

Then they get judged and called lazy,

Then the solution is taking from the vulnerable and poor,

Whilst the rich continually score,

Making our lives even harder,

Schools constantly trying to keep up,

Constantly feeling the strain,

Governments not letting kids be kids,

So kids are breaking down over not getting that grade,

Because everything is academically driven,

Witness our pain,

We don’t want excuses or pity,

We made these choices because we can’t cope,

Our country at breaking point,

Tensions so high.

So blame game and hatred rise,

Trying to find solutions,

Why lives have turned out like this,

So we sit and cry,

Seen as  a nation having no humanity,

Whilst we just feel anxiety,

Wondering how we get by,

Another day, another night,

Over and over again you see our pain,

Wondering will we ever have something to gain,

So then we end up on streets,

Things going from okay to bad,

At a snap of one execatives hand,

We have no choice but to neck another bottle,

Looking for an escape,

Only to be judged again,

The world failing,

To see it from our eyes,

Why dont you give it a try?

Then maybe we know how to get by.


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