Current health

As some of my followers may have noticed my absence.  This was due to a number of things:

  1.  That sadly ones Nan passed away. Which is sure to effect ones emotional state of mind.
  2. Health Keppra is now reduced.  Iron tablets have been fucked off so am anemia free for time being.
  3. One needs to make sure throyid is checked every eight weeks to ensure body will not go into meltdown again
  4. Discovering after back scan that one had a bulging disc that is compressing on to a nerve. Not the ideal news when one is trying to get their son to and from school without having passing judgements or a sympathy vote. Of reminding one how fucked ones back is.
  5. Son is progressing well though educational system despite the government efforts of wanting a five year old to be ten year old. This pushing them so far ahead his speech therapist can’t even say where he is.
  6.  Would also like to say that other children can be so fucking mean now days.  My son was in process of leaving the school playground when another kid decided to repeatedly push him despite my son just wanting to happily eat his chocolate bar. The sick thing the child used the word tag to confuse the whole scenairo out of perspective. So now my son sees a child and immediately tells them to go away. As a parent made school aware of problem that it was making him upset only to discover that day he had been pushed over whilst queuing up by the same child.
  7. This child since Friday after his dad’s mum put her foot down has seem to have done the trick. To my discovery the same child was hitting another child and this other child was hitting with another trying to break it up. The parents no where in sight.  Probably having a mothers meeting on the benches.
  8. So despite all this one is planning a wedding 2019 and is getting back into the swing of things.

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