Another term goes by..


So over the past week or so one has not been very amused with attitude of certain things in kids relationships and adults attitudes towards what happens. This is the list I have came up with in such dilemmas:

  1. One should not jump to conclusions and think the very worst like ones child will end up hospital.
  2. One should ask ones child how day has been and if anyone has been unkind. Also to monitor the frequency to ensure nothing more serious is occurring.
  3. One should also ask if child has behaved and hasn’t had no time outs. So far this year fucking fantastic apart from a few warnings.
  4. One should make sure ones child cuts down on YouTube usage and not get obsessed with needing to watch people put Lego together. Although watching these has given one’s child the lovely idea of wanting to make his own Lego movie. Is a brilliant idea as its creative, imaginative, using a lot of skills but one is wondering how long does one’s child want this movie to be. It could end up being a series of episodes lol.
  5. One should not second question things why my son got two books? why my son not got an exercise book worth of homework like previous terms? Over thinking and worrying could result in going to number one.
  6. One despite how aching tired and in pain one is to try to regardless of mood of son to get them to read their books and get them to read some of the books that are sitting on one’s child shelve.
  7. One should however if behavior of other children is unkind and frequent make said people aware that you will go to any lengths lea police to get said matters resolved so they know you are serious about this and not just being inconvenient.
  8. One should use ones child diary to record such happenings and not always resort to seven of out of blue lengths when staff are caught by surprise of happenings.
  9. One should not dwell on past experiences to either go to one resort to seven and remain calm and polite at all times.
  10. Even though one, and nine can be hard at times as can be outraged by adult responses, and naive to how ones child development set backs can affect said child on a day-to-day basis. That ignoring said facts is indeed unkind as  an excuse for accepting other behaviors towards said one’s child due to one’s child kind happy friendly nature.
  11. Taking all this into account one must carry one and not worry. Focus on the positive and have faith that system nor adults will fail to deliver on said child’s life. Once it is sorted to move on and get on with things whilst keeping in mind above things.

One’s anxiety and worrier nature does not help with this. One shall focus on getting one’s poetry and interviews done. To help one’s child achieve goal of making said Lego movie and hope it does not consume entire of half term as its only a week.


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