Is a child riding their bike,

A step above their once loved trike,

Hitting the ball with one strike,

Learning crazy yo yo tricks,

Whilst they watch the latest chic flick,

Dreading the next romantic pick,

Walking around thinking they are sick.


Is falling on one’s back,

Due to what one clearly lacks,

But never surrenders or slacks,

Take another bit of a snack,

Before you go and hit the beaten track.


Is to feel warmth and snuggle,

As you lay humbled,

Forgetting all the struggles,

While you wonder why you were in a muddle,

Giggles and laughs like a child jumping in a puddle.


Is what one has been given,

Not what has driven,

One to be forgiven,

As one is only living,

To ones only soulful pride,

That has guided me upon this ride,

Negatively echoes by,

While all our happiness keeps us by our side,

As we carry upon our joyful tide.


Is what fills the heart,

Right from the very start,

So we never have to part.






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