It helps heal,

But keeps things concealed,

Locked up tightly with a seal,


It helps by protecting ,

Let it’s surface weeps the regrets,

Bruised it tries to forget,


It’s pigment of beautiful purity truth,

Wishing people see beyond its skins roof,

To the deep thoughtfull soul,

That sings joy and sorrow,


Lovely tender soft velvet,

It’s pigment now wears a helmet,

To insecure and hurt to share it,

Wishing people felt,

It’s hurt scared goosebumps,

That witnessed horrors that goes a down ones  spine,


It heals and protects,

It’s pigment is just like a flower,

So colourful and beautiful,

Glowing it’s soul speaks,

To reach even the most defended worn,

Torn hearts that it reaches out,

Shows its warmth,

Spreads love and hope,

Amongst broken souls,


Let’s us breathe,

It brings love and life,

Skin I love you so,

No matter how much time goes,

I will never let you be alone.




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