Is all thy can be,

How can one speak,

Without it causing a raging peak.


My thoughts in my head,

Stay in ones head,

As to share may cause one to dread.


My tongue speaks,

Many words and definitions,

With emotions and thoughts in the mix,

It’s meaning made twisted and sick.


Different people,

Generation upon generation,

View language so different,

From its meaning of humour to offense ,

Word what word can one use.


Thoughts remain,

What can thy write,

Without it causing a fight,

So shall thy write a series of



If thy wrote a book,

Or a song then thy thoughts

Would be seen in a different light,

But to write in a different text,

It is viewed different in ones sight.


Is all thy can be,

To seek acceptance,

Is to accept everybody,

For who they are.


No more as opinions,

Criticism and judgement,

Has reached its political peak,

How can thy live,

If thy voice can not speak,

To not would be weak,

Thy has learnt to laugh,

At everything to not take it seriously,


This world will be,

If ones voice can not be seen,

As everything will be deemed bad,

As someone will be sad.


Thy bites thy tongue,

Thy has been compares to Amy Winehouse,

Purely because of accent,

But I let it go over my head as my mind works in a different house,

Thy can be judged upon every act,

Word, action or thought,

But not to be me,

Is discrimination in its self.


My mind should be able to see different,

Be different,

Looks, lifestyle, opinion, beliefs,

Is it not the true me you wish to seek,

Or one that just nods and agrees,

I can only embrace me,

By you letting my voice be free.



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