Thy talks like thy,

Knows the story of rags and riches,

Of love and sorrow,

That thee knows ones story.


Judge thy on life choices,

Because thee don’t see like your superiority,

That’s ones lifestyle makes thy less worthwhile.


Like thee accept,

Let thee is no open book,

Thee just takes what thee likes,

Instead thy should accept as thy would.


Thee mind so wrapped up,

That it forgot how to talk,

Maybe even to take walk,

As we are all popping up,

Everywhere on screen.


Thee does not see how it makes one scream,

To chat on screen,

Whilst seeing me seems like a distant dream,

Let it use to be the norm just like buying whipped cream.


Just for a while,

Maybe with a smile,

Without wireless miles.


To let things be,

Just to see,

One face beam,

So thy and thee can make memories.




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