So it’s nearly time…

For said child to go back to school. From previous post on progress.

  1. Has remain calm and polite
  2. Has baked, been creative and got said child to read
  3. Said child seems to have lost interest in making lego movie due to doing other activities.
  4. Has managed to do interviews and poetry
  5. One is wondering is everything to good to be true
  6. World has become even more mind baffling am starting to wonder how a millienum onwards baby would have coped in 90s or even further back culture
  7. Is also wondering what words with each generation are not to be heard and what ones can. One finds this mega confusing.
  8. One is also wondering why political correctness past history seems to be aired everywhere which often leads one to say fuck off in ones head whilst changing channel.
  9. Is wondering what world said child is growing up in. It is very far away from said childhood.
  10. Telly seems reality based a lot is this do to stressing about hurting someone or merely because we want to watch someone else live there lives and like gossip. One would rather watch comedy and drama.
  11. Going back to words and acts of non acceptable things that may cause offence seems to list quite a few which mostly only leaves one with wwe and doctor who though even these could be questioned if one was to look as past films music programs
  12. One sure does miss taking a piss and having a laugh and it being seen as banter.
  13. One truly recognises that one is a Cockney though one knows no true Cockney language other than only fools and horses and Danny dyer easterenders talk.
  14. One recognises ones grammar spelling is a bit shitty well probably a lot as one has got used to texting.
  15. That it is probably nerdy to say I have seen most technology changes and materialistic change even though I class this as a privilege as one had a childhood not ruled by technology.
  16. It is probably even more sad that one has nearly seen and witnessed most of wwe history which again could be seen nerdy comparing past wrestlers with modern. One character and style.
  17. Is it bad other than a handful of modern programs one still goes back to said childhoods programs for laughs and entertainment.
  18. That when crap is on the telly one resolts to phone for entertainment to restore ones sanity lol.
  19. Has found that said child other than bit of lego viewing on YouTube not as extreme as before and fresh prince. Said child has spent half term playing exploring learning and being creative. Interacting with world and learning new things.
  20. One is going to be counting days down again to next half term.

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