Too little time

Why is it when you are young, your parents say to you make the most of it when they are little as the time

just flies by in a blink. This I have noticed is very true. It only seems yesterday my son started school and its even more scary in a few months he be classed as year 2. Eek. But here’s progress so far:

  1.  Bullying since half term has ceased
  2. One is finding it much harder to find gain that kick up the backside to do things.
  3. One is dreading Monday as its my sons progress report day not a report report day just general progress.
  4. One son is very very happy with school. Is working very hard completing work. Not sure where his level of sentence structure is now, but spelling, letter size and punctuation have improved.
  5. His more and more creative everyday and this is inspiring him everyday.
  6. This is becoming more apparent in his Lego play. Today he got given spider man stickers for his hard work. Today he used them for their original purpose then placed them on his Lego and made his own little set with loads of his figures all good guys.Into a spider man gaff or something like that anyways as he had used a door so one can only presume its a gaff.
  7. Is going to read up on where son should be at.

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