Why does one fail to open up?

To be honest and true

To let guard down

To see the hidden scars

Of one’s past

As you have given that person your trust

Only the have that snapped

Used and abused

Playing games with family

Depriving love of its destiny

To be joint in matrimony

To treat a child to gifts

To buy their love

So they seek said one

Said one you tell lies

Put wedges between our family love

In hope to break and make a broken home

This that leads to one feeling

Like a mug

How could this be?

To hurt thee thy and child

Does this one not see what I see

The hurt damage soul

Taken back to a place so dark and cold

That one doubts ones past

That thy wishes thy never gave said one

Another chance

You knock our love

You knock our souls

You knock our past saying it’s lies

You try and break our strength

You try to break our hearts

In hope to drift us apart

Twisting and manipulating

To your own twisted disturbed mind

Now you will never be here

As your said one are buried in the past

At last.


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