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Love, hurt and loss a collection of poetry I have now decided to unpublish on amazon and shall only be sharing poetry on here from now on much more easier and direct. Sorry if anybody wanted it as an ebook.


Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection Of Poetry

41JMeRS+10L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-58,22_AA300_SH20_OU02_I noticed my section for my first book was lacking some content so here is a brief sample of the poems inside, if you like get the whole book on Amazon and leave a review.


The Secrets Of Love

He used to know my heart, like a rose petal shivering in the wind,
He used to know what was needed to keep it beating,
To keep the red passionate rose alive,
I use to want to do anything for him,
I would sacrifice anything for him, to be that guy again,
Now I just do things as if it’s a duty.
He used to understand my mind,
How things would take time,
To melt away the layers,
To reach my precious heart,
We use to be so close,
Now we just coexist.
We use to be affectionate,
Be so close to one another,
That we would be practically on top of each other,
Now it’s just a kiss and cuddle,
What happened to the angel prince?
I met back a long time ago,
I guess his been washed away,
With the secrets of love,
To be kept in a secret locket,
Never to be seen again.


She was your dream and your eternity,
Your eternal beating flame, lighting you up like a tiger’s roar,
She was your fantasy, a goddess from the angel’s above,
With curly shiny hair twinkling, and flickering as the sun caresses her face.
She was your rose, that you protected like a crystal ball,
Like a beast she was your beauty,
She was divine and elegant,
Then she crushed the goodness of your kind soul,
Of your will and gratitude,
To stand by her side,
Through fire, rain and wind,
Till the heavens fell,
You loved her until the end.
Your heart feels like a thousand knifes, pin prickling at once,
Everywhere you go, reminds you of her,
Of the love and enjoyment,
You once shared; you would move the earth,
Run around the world and back to meet her every desire,
So you can feel her love once more.
You’re desperate and gasping for air,
You awaken to feel her touch but she is not there,
Then you realize that, the relationship is through,
No matter how many times your heartbeats, there’s nothing you can do,
So you have no choice but to move forward, and mend your broken heart.


Your lungs feel like they have died,
He forced you, why did he lie,
You tried,
To fight him off,
But he was stronger than you,
Stronger than you can ever imagine,
Like the speed of a football, going past a goalkeeper.
You felt helpless,
Like a trapped animal, caught in a net,
Trapped, and isolated,
He always did it when no one knows,
When no one will hear your voice,
You acted normal,
You had to,
You had to face the school bullies, when you went to school,
You couldn’t let them see you weak,
Hurt and dirty,
Used and neglected,
I’ve spoken,
When are you?
I’m not going to let the bastards win.

Lover’s Game

Tonight my love, we shall play a game of life,
That will captivate, two lovers melting hearts,
We laid out our bed of roses,
With red passionate, rose petals surrounding us,
My lover approaches handsome, and horny ready for action,
I tremble, my heart bounces with joy, as I become overwhelmed with happiness,
We have waited so long, my love to become reacquainted,
We were shut away from the world, away from the troubles, so we’re in our paradise,
Our paradise, in our own dream,
Where we are lost in our magical minds, as we surrender to love’s embrace,
We stood up covered in the blood stained bed sheet,
As we caressed each others skin,
Lover’s creation sparkling and twinkling,
Into life molding, and sculpturing,
Into a beautiful precious person,
That’s the lover’s game.

Hearts Voyage

My boo as you drift away,
I watch on as your heart of an angel,
Takes its last beat,
Never again will my heart feel your fondness,
Your gentle embrace, and delicate soft touch,
That warmed so many hearts around you,
Your heart is on a new voyage,
Now, another journey awaits you my love,
You may have left my world,
But as I look up, or I look at our photos,
I know you are guiding me,
Keeping me safe from harm,
Whenever I become weak, and have no strength,
To carry on,
I shall look at the stars,
And know that you are near.


My first book serves as an introduction to my work, it’s raw, it comes from the heart, most of my poems are drawn from real life experiences. I don’t write about any old stuff.People often ask me, why I don’t use pretty abstract imagery like classical poets. When the whole poem just speaks hidden messages and lines of  its like this, but really I mean this. The truth, because I want my poetry to portray not only its core theme but hit the hearts of the people reading it. I don’t want my poetry to be oh that was well written, good use of poetic language. Poetry first and foremost is expression of creative thought. My creative thought is real, down to earth, written in a language that’s human, in many of these poems you can see a lot of my soul in. As they are drawn from real life experiences then that in hand makes the words written are true, they aren’t fake like an imaginary world. Drift into the stars and sail a million oceans.

My book isn’t going to change your life but hopefully is will make you treasure the ones you love and treat them with respect. Enjoy I look forward to reading your reviews on Amazon. 😀


Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection Of Poetry By Helen Ingram Book Trailer

Helen Ingram’s book trailer for first book delayed but there you go, thats time you learn all these new stuff about promoting. 😀


one hour and a half till the end of free book promo

Just a reminder that ‘Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection Of Poetry’ is free today by myself Helen Ingram.

Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection Of Poetry

By myself, will be free on 24th of May this month so grab a copy when you can. All reviews so far have been fantastic. If you like my unpublished work on here then you love my poems in this book which is published by myself not by a publishing house. I am looking into publishing houses for my novel and maybe my next poetry book.

The book is available through all Amazon websites around the world.

Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection Of Poetry By Helen Ingram

Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection Of Poetry By Helen Ingram

This book is free on May 24th on all amazon sites. On this photo link will take you to Amazon. com. If you do get this book on the free day please leave a review. As this would give other customers feedback about the book. Thank you.