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Thy talks like thy,

Knows the story of rags and riches,

Of love and sorrow,

That thee knows ones story.


Judge thy on life choices,

Because thee don’t see like your superiority,

That’s ones lifestyle makes thy less worthwhile.


Like thee accept,

Let thee is no open book,

Thee just takes what thee likes,

Instead thy should accept as thy would.


Thee mind so wrapped up,

That it forgot how to talk,

Maybe even to take walk,

As we are all popping up,

Everywhere on screen.


Thee does not see how it makes one scream,

To chat on screen,

Whilst seeing me seems like a distant dream,

Let it use to be the norm just like buying whipped cream.


Just for a while,

Maybe with a smile,

Without wireless miles.


To let things be,

Just to see,

One face beam,

So thy and thee can make memories.






Is all thy can be,

How can one speak,

Without it causing a raging peak.


My thoughts in my head,

Stay in ones head,

As to share may cause one to dread.


My tongue speaks,

Many words and definitions,

With emotions and thoughts in the mix,

It’s meaning made twisted and sick.


Different people,

Generation upon generation,

View language so different,

From its meaning of humour to offense ,

Word what word can one use.


Thoughts remain,

What can thy write,

Without it causing a fight,

So shall thy write a series of



If thy wrote a book,

Or a song then thy thoughts

Would be seen in a different light,

But to write in a different text,

It is viewed different in ones sight.


Is all thy can be,

To seek acceptance,

Is to accept everybody,

For who they are.


No more as opinions,

Criticism and judgement,

Has reached its political peak,

How can thy live,

If thy voice can not speak,

To not would be weak,

Thy has learnt to laugh,

At everything to not take it seriously,


This world will be,

If ones voice can not be seen,

As everything will be deemed bad,

As someone will be sad.


Thy bites thy tongue,

Thy has been compares to Amy Winehouse,

Purely because of accent,

But I let it go over my head as my mind works in a different house,

Thy can be judged upon every act,

Word, action or thought,

But not to be me,

Is discrimination in its self.


My mind should be able to see different,

Be different,

Looks, lifestyle, opinion, beliefs,

Is it not the true me you wish to seek,

Or one that just nods and agrees,

I can only embrace me,

By you letting my voice be free.




It helps heal,

But keeps things concealed,

Locked up tightly with a seal,


It helps by protecting ,

Let it’s surface weeps the regrets,

Bruised it tries to forget,


It’s pigment of beautiful purity truth,

Wishing people see beyond its skins roof,

To the deep thoughtfull soul,

That sings joy and sorrow,


Lovely tender soft velvet,

It’s pigment now wears a helmet,

To insecure and hurt to share it,

Wishing people felt,

It’s hurt scared goosebumps,

That witnessed horrors that goes a down ones  spine,


It heals and protects,

It’s pigment is just like a flower,

So colourful and beautiful,

Glowing it’s soul speaks,

To reach even the most defended worn,

Torn hearts that it reaches out,

Shows its warmth,

Spreads love and hope,

Amongst broken souls,


Let’s us breathe,

It brings love and life,

Skin I love you so,

No matter how much time goes,

I will never let you be alone.





Is a child riding their bike,

A step above their once loved trike,

Hitting the ball with one strike,

Learning crazy yo yo tricks,

Whilst they watch the latest chic flick,

Dreading the next romantic pick,

Walking around thinking they are sick.


Is falling on one’s back,

Due to what one clearly lacks,

But never surrenders or slacks,

Take another bit of a snack,

Before you go and hit the beaten track.


Is to feel warmth and snuggle,

As you lay humbled,

Forgetting all the struggles,

While you wonder why you were in a muddle,

Giggles and laughs like a child jumping in a puddle.


Is what one has been given,

Not what has driven,

One to be forgiven,

As one is only living,

To ones only soulful pride,

That has guided me upon this ride,

Negatively echoes by,

While all our happiness keeps us by our side,

As we carry upon our joyful tide.


Is what fills the heart,

Right from the very start,

So we never have to part.







Mind focused,

Not drifting into array,

Into political games,

Where opinions,

Can divide,

Based upon one’s mindful pride,

Need to put media streams negatively to rest,

Let it run its ride,

As it always wants to seek the best,

Ways to divide people even more,

Is that what ones voice is for,

If that is the case ,

Then we should evacuate,

So our minds can speak only positively,

Not who has the better face,

Is it so hard just to say hello,

Than to sit in one’s sorrow,

Looking and seeking a better tomorrow,

When all it takes is to hold hands,

And follow like a raising awareness supporting wristband,

All this lack of thought is really sad,

Has our minds become that sour and sad,

That we only see things as meeting a criteria,

Thinking that one is more superior,

Not wanting to have everyone feel a bit freer,

As we live in a thriving technology race,

It seems to have lost its original state,

To just be a form of which to communicate,

So we can relate,

Instead we want technology to replace,

Our own taught learnt minds,

Is this what the future holds,

Then one must have been blind and sold,

To not realize what the future generations,

Would say and not be told,

To be made to shut up and fit a mould,

As individuality becomes a thing of the past,

As every job leads to the technology swagger,

No wonder no company seems to last,

As old skills and knowledge,

Has been forgotten,

Now everything is slowly rotting,


You say one should think,

When all one sees is ones world sink.





Take a deep breaths,

You can do this,

Should be a piece of piss,

That’s what they all said,

Just leaves me to dread.


Take deep breaths,

One step at a time,

As you try not to whine,

Focus stop negatively in your head,

Stop wishing you were dead.


Take deep breaths,

Why have a panic attack?

Just do your best with a good smack,

Hope some one had your back.


Take deep breaths,

Its just another test,

To try and see if you’re at you’re best,

Lingering like an annoying pest,

Leaves you with nothing but stress.


Take deep breaths,

Remember the smiles,

Amongst these long miles,

Saying it will only take a while,

Until its all over and filed.


These streets have me so confused,

We speak like we know the truth,

Sparkling another emotional rage with a fuse,

Anger takes hold rising as high as a roof,

Listening to the media as if it was written by an historian in a book.

Politics and politicans out for their own gain,

Whilst as society we try to maintain the postive,

Trying to stick to our morals as if it was the last meal,

Judged and critised for decisions,

Let if they saw our struggle.

Would they be able to juggle,

The last penny to keep the bill off your back,

Whilst you take another zero hours contact,

Only to get the sack,

We walk as a pack,

Not turning our backs,

As one voice is just an echo,

Whilst a group is making a stand like a lava filled volcano,

Waiting for the last straw,

To make you snap,

Everything is either a chase,

Or an uncoping battle,

Healthcare like a chaotic underground train,

Getting constantly shaken like a childs rattle,

No housing or unattainable so  a shelter is for generations,

Failing to give that better life you promised,

Slowly your neighboured looks like a shanty town,

Whilst you watch the slow decline and neglect,

Of the once proud industry  city,

As you look overseas,

Why cant they understand?

Have we always got to  play the saviour,

Why can’t you leave us be please?

Our lifestyle is no picnic,

We can’t even look after our sick,

If you were in our shoes,

You would see it too,

Selling industries for the money gain,

Not bothered about the jobs that were the working class,

Then they get judged and called lazy,

Then the solution is taking from the vulnerable and poor,

Whilst the rich continually score,

Making our lives even harder,

Schools constantly trying to keep up,

Constantly feeling the strain,

Governments not letting kids be kids,

So kids are breaking down over not getting that grade,

Because everything is academically driven,

Witness our pain,

We don’t want excuses or pity,

We made these choices because we can’t cope,

Our country at breaking point,

Tensions so high.

So blame game and hatred rise,

Trying to find solutions,

Why lives have turned out like this,

So we sit and cry,

Seen as  a nation having no humanity,

Whilst we just feel anxiety,

Wondering how we get by,

Another day, another night,

Over and over again you see our pain,

Wondering will we ever have something to gain,

So then we end up on streets,

Things going from okay to bad,

At a snap of one execatives hand,

We have no choice but to neck another bottle,

Looking for an escape,

Only to be judged again,

The world failing,

To see it from our eyes,

Why dont you give it a try?

Then maybe we know how to get by.


Have you ever wondered,

Why our minds seek order,

To wake every morning,

Following a schedule,

Breaking it tends to leave you astray,

Unable to cope,

With the freeness,

It glurps you whole again,

It can leave you hung over,

Like an aerial on the blink.

Have you ever wondered,

Why our minds seek order,

For everything to have its place,

Following structure,

So your mind is clear,

So it’s not in a state,

Unable to cope,

With a laid back mind,

Waiting to met its next overwhelming tide.

Have you ever wondered,

Why our minds seek order,

Following a system,

That never seems to go our way,

It can get so bad you just want to runaway,

Unable to see,

The endless brightness,

That should lay before me,

Seems so deep and blue,

Is it only me who sees negatively,

So glowing true,

That you throw everything,

Until your mind is through,


To this fucked up order,

Like selling your mind and soul to the devil,

Anxiety and depression spirals,

Looking for clarity and meaning,

A reason to carry on dreaming,

To rise again,

Then ask again,

Have you ever wondered ,

Why our minds seek order.


Stay with me,

Please don’t leave my side,

During this battling tide,

We used to take everything in our stride,

With nothing to hide,

We still got so much to see,

Do you not believe me,

We still need to travel the seas,

See new heavenly beauties,

Thy knows your body is weak,

That it’s no longer at its youthful peak,

My heart is no longer whole,

If you fade like a cracked watch,

At a forever silent stand still,

Thy loves you so,

My heart and soul will do nothing but weep,

Please just breathe in this clean air,

Just a bit longer,

So you can be with me.


If thy only knew,

Then one will no longer feel blue,

Please let me enter,

So thy no longer need to surrender,

Thy’s weak aching heart,

Beats only for you,

Together passion lovers embrace,

Will no longer need to trace,

Your footsteps gentle as though they are walking on air,

Eyes so mysteriously deep,

Let me travel  as I sleep,

Body so delicately soft and tender,

Let me wrap thee so one no longer has to feel the cold,

Our warmth now shared as thee feels so silky,

Is it wrong that thy wants to touch,

Thee’s curvy goosebumped skin,

Thy hopes that such,

A blissful day will rise,

So thy no longer needs to disguise,

What this aching heart desires.