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Define Playtime

Playtime, to me is a number of things.

Playtime is the time I spend with my son

Playtime is the time I spend on my game consoles.

Playtime is the time i spend hugging my partner,

Playtime is the time I spend being silly.

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Learning style

My learning style varies, for artwork I prefer learning in a group as its important to get feedback, to know whether people can interpret your work as you would like them too. Also I do find reading books very important in terms of learning about new techniques whether art or poetry. I love learning about something new. I like one to one feedback when it comes to writing my books up and doing my interviews. I like to cater for the artist’s needs and this can only be done by aiding them in terms of what stuff would give them the best exposure. My themes in my work I gather from life experiences and visual stuff around me. If you didn’t have a visual memory of a waterfall it would be pretty hard to write about it.

My writing process consists of poems that I am unsure of I publish online to get an idea of whether my audience likes the poems.

I also edit and rewrite things so many times until I think it’s just right.

I guess there is no set way every type of learning style rubs off one another.

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Annoying noise

Right as much as I love my son, the two noises as his grown up that have been really annoying. Are when he used to do his high pitched screaming. It goes right though you and the second one is when my son thinks his a car. Which is cute but when you are watching or trying to concentrate on something that is important it can get a tad a bit annoying.

So yeah, currently these are my annoying noises

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Today’s events in cockney accent

Get up, yew lazy so so , we got ter get Cameron ter nursery! Today Cameron ‘ad ‘is first day at nursery, i’ was emoshunal. I nearly cried, I ‘ate bein’ away from me little man.

I’ m such a protective muvver i’ is unreal. I’ll be da type ov muvver what would make ‘is girlfriends get da muvver sign ov approval. No bird gunna be treatin’ me son like crap.

Anyways, me son fully enjoyed ‘imself today.

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Quirky Information About me

The toy I always wanted was, a SNES. My brother had one and I completely loved it. I mean who doesn’t like Mario Kart. Fair enough I am from the generation of Mario vs Sonic.generation, but Sonic just seemed to be more boyish rather than Mario characters. With Mario there is a character for everyone, that whats I loved about it. Everyone had their favorite other than this. I can’t think of anything else that I would of wanted when I was younger.

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