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Poetry competitions

I have found that although there are plenty of writing magazines out there. Poetry library offers an updated list of poetry competitions available. I have let to find websites which contain fiction short stories if anyone has this please feel free to comment on this post just with a title of short stories so people reading it don’t get confused.


This is a community poetry site where you can share your poems and they get reviewed. The only downside is that once you achieved the poetry pins you have to live within the USA to recieve them which I have found out recently. I am still awaiting to see if they can send me a code so I can embed the image on my sites etc. One can only hope, or my achievement will go unrecognized which would be a shame.

A place to find words that rhyme with one another

A place to find words that rhyme with one another

Okay some of you may find rhyming words quite easy but with some poem structures where you have like five b lines in one stanza. I find this website helps a lot resolving a problem that could have you thinking for ages of what word rhymes with that word. Or even if there isn’t a word that rhymes with that word, this is the place to find it out.