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Too little time

Why is it when you are young, your parents say to you make the most of it when they are little as the time

just flies by in a blink. This I have noticed is very true. It only seems yesterday my son started school and its even more scary in a few months he be classed as year 2. Eek. But here’s progress so far:

  1.  Bullying since half term has ceased
  2. One is finding it much harder to find gain that kick up the backside to do things.
  3. One is dreading Monday as its my sons progress report day not a report report day just general progress.
  4. One son is very very happy with school. Is working very hard completing work. Not sure where his level of sentence structure is now, but spelling, letter size and punctuation have improved.
  5. His more and more creative everyday and this is inspiring him everyday.
  6. This is becoming more apparent in his Lego play. Today he got given spider man stickers for his hard work. Today he used them for their original purpose then placed them on his Lego and made his own little set with loads of his figures all good guys.Into a spider man gaff or something like that anyways as he had used a door so one can only presume its a gaff.
  7. Is going to read up on where son should be at.

So it’s nearly time…

For said child to go back to school. From previous post on progress.

  1. Has remain calm and polite
  2. Has baked, been creative and got said child to read
  3. Said child seems to have lost interest in making lego movie due to doing other activities.
  4. Has managed to do interviews and poetry
  5. One is wondering is everything to good to be true
  6. World has become even more mind baffling am starting to wonder how a millienum onwards baby would have coped in 90s or even further back culture
  7. Is also wondering what words with each generation are not to be heard and what ones can. One finds this mega confusing.
  8. One is also wondering why political correctness past history seems to be aired everywhere which often leads one to say fuck off in ones head whilst changing channel.
  9. Is wondering what world said child is growing up in. It is very far away from said childhood.
  10. Telly seems reality based a lot is this do to stressing about hurting someone or merely because we want to watch someone else live there lives and like gossip. One would rather watch comedy and drama.
  11. Going back to words and acts of non acceptable things that may cause offence seems to list quite a few which mostly only leaves one with wwe and doctor who though even these could be questioned if one was to look as past films music programs
  12. One sure does miss taking a piss and having a laugh and it being seen as banter.
  13. One truly recognises that one is a Cockney though one knows no true Cockney language other than only fools and horses and Danny dyer easterenders talk.
  14. One recognises ones grammar spelling is a bit shitty well probably a lot as one has got used to texting.
  15. That it is probably nerdy to say I have seen most technology changes and materialistic change even though I class this as a privilege as one had a childhood not ruled by technology.
  16. It is probably even more sad that one has nearly seen and witnessed most of wwe history which again could be seen nerdy comparing past wrestlers with modern. One character and style.
  17. Is it bad other than a handful of modern programs one still goes back to said childhoods programs for laughs and entertainment.
  18. That when crap is on the telly one resolts to phone for entertainment to restore ones sanity lol.
  19. Has found that said child other than bit of lego viewing on YouTube not as extreme as before and fresh prince. Said child has spent half term playing exploring learning and being creative. Interacting with world and learning new things.
  20. One is going to be counting days down again to next half term.

Another term goes by..


So over the past week or so one has not been very amused with attitude of certain things in kids relationships and adults attitudes towards what happens. This is the list I have came up with in such dilemmas:

  1. One should not jump to conclusions and think the very worst like ones child will end up hospital.
  2. One should ask ones child how day has been and if anyone has been unkind. Also to monitor the frequency to ensure nothing more serious is occurring.
  3. One should also ask if child has behaved and hasn’t had no time outs. So far this year fucking fantastic apart from a few warnings.
  4. One should make sure ones child cuts down on YouTube usage and not get obsessed with needing to watch people put Lego together. Although watching these has given one’s child the lovely idea of wanting to make his own Lego movie. Is a brilliant idea as its creative, imaginative, using a lot of skills but one is wondering how long does one’s child want this movie to be. It could end up being a series of episodes lol.
  5. One should not second question things why my son got two books? why my son not got an exercise book worth of homework like previous terms? Over thinking and worrying could result in going to number one.
  6. One despite how aching tired and in pain one is to try to regardless of mood of son to get them to read their books and get them to read some of the books that are sitting on one’s child shelve.
  7. One should however if behavior of other children is unkind and frequent make said people aware that you will go to any lengths lea police to get said matters resolved so they know you are serious about this and not just being inconvenient.
  8. One should use ones child diary to record such happenings and not always resort to seven of out of blue lengths when staff are caught by surprise of happenings.
  9. One should not dwell on past experiences to either go to one resort to seven and remain calm and polite at all times.
  10. Even though one, and nine can be hard at times as can be outraged by adult responses, and naive to how ones child development set backs can affect said child on a day-to-day basis. That ignoring said facts is indeed unkind as  an excuse for accepting other behaviors towards said one’s child due to one’s child kind happy friendly nature.
  11. Taking all this into account one must carry one and not worry. Focus on the positive and have faith that system nor adults will fail to deliver on said child’s life. Once it is sorted to move on and get on with things whilst keeping in mind above things.

One’s anxiety and worrier nature does not help with this. One shall focus on getting one’s poetry and interviews done. To help one’s child achieve goal of making said Lego movie and hope it does not consume entire of half term as its only a week.

Wrestling figures

Right so its xmas is coming up. My son has decided he wants doctor who sorted wwe stage mum and dad to get. But he wants divas wwe and old school ones as well. Now we were lucky with the bundle we got him a couple years back. Accessories two rings and loads of wrestling figures but sadly his got only one diva. If anybody knows where I can get divas for less than 22 quid let me know. Also think its sad that UK can only get so many figure packs there like released once then you can’t find them. One frustrated mum. 

Busy busy 

So as people have probably gathered I have managed to do the following:

  • Create a logo and banner for New Art United
  • Get more content up on site for New Art United
  • New Art United is an ambitious plan of mine but determination is what I shall be
  • Creating more poetry and artwork
  • My son is now loving school and is going to show that he can be himself and learn and asthma is improving.
  • My health is still up in the air I have good days and bad days. My family and creative world make life more bearable.
  • I will not let my conditions define me but give me strength and inspire me.

New plans

  1. To carry on with New Art United
  2. Get my work out there more
  3. Keep creating
  4. And yes to finish my world which needs retyping and editing again.
  5. To create a new body of artwork on a smaller scale that can be easily transported and can be easily stored away so little tiny hands don’t go on it.

So whats been happening?

As my love for the arts seemed to be getting me down. I decided to have a break from it all. My son is getting more and more cheeky by the day. He currently has an obsession with the gruffalo which is good, but he loves to let everybody know what the gruffalo looks life. By shouting it down the street, oh how I love my son. Poetry wise I am getting there , I am just making sure that all the poems are good to a standard to which I would say I would read that.

Things are looking up…

I have currently been able to do some work, I have been able to reach Chapter three of typing my fiction book up and have been writing some more poetry for My World.

In terms of blogging you can probably tell that New Art United has been doing well. I am also very proud to announce that my fussy eater Cameron has ate some vegetables and no longer needs to see a dietician. Yay, I am so proud.

So at this present time, I am quite happy and content. Also to think soon I’ve got to plan for xmas eeekk!

Also people awaiting interviews they will come and I will send out your interview questions just give me some time to do so, as I don’t get paid for doing them.  So they are not always on the top of my everyday agenda.

Talk soon laters


Fresh start, Fresh Beginnings…..

So as summer draws near, people would normally be dreading the time off that their kids have.I on the other hand can’t wait as I have secured a new nursery place closer to home for Cameron to start in September. They also do a home visit to get to know Cameron in August which I think is fantastic. All the timed I have been their so far it gives off a good vibe and the people seem to enjoy there work. Plus the kids were outside FANTASTIC!, this is what my son needs.

Open space to play and variety 🙂

So today I shall be informing the his current nursery that he will be leaving come the end of this term.Hopefully during this time their won’t be anymore problems.Today  I am hoping on getting some more poetry typed up and get some interviews done.

Despite everything that has gone with his nursery moving to stoke I have no regrets. Cameron has access to outdoor space which has made a huge difference as Cameron has space to let off stream.

When you can’t believe what you are seeing…..w

One day I shall meet the stokes answer to my son’s first nursery to which I only ever had to go in once when Cameron wasn’t eating and we thought he might be being bullied, Just turned out Cameron as becoming fussy. That experience was nothing compared to what I heard today when I spoke to the deputy manager of Cameron’s current nursery. I had many important and serious concerns which if left unaddressed would have resulted in my child potentially becoming ill left in their charge everyday full-time.

Thankfully Cameron’s only does the fifteen hours funded. Cameron had repeatedly had not been given his inhaler as apparently they could not administer the inhalers as they hadn’t got written doctors slips that provide the details to prove that my son is on them. It took them four weeks to decided to ring the health visitor to check that Cameron is on inhalers for asthma . This lack of information was never brought up before.

Cameron also hadn’t been receiving regular creaming of his eczema  cream. This shocked me hugely as they are supposed to know these things. It was all written done when he joined the nursery but none of it was given till i opened my mouth. 😦  This could have been serious especially on the asthma front, as outbreak can quickly turn into an attack. We have nearly lost our Son twice to it. So you can imagine anxiety levels.

They have even asked when do you want him to be creamed when his scratching or got dry skin. It isn’t rocked science is it.  Today when I picked him up they said they had creamed him, despite missing his creased and back and inside of his legs. Certain parts of his arms were also dry.  This was quite upsetting as it was after I had spoken to the deputy manager in the morning.

Also during last week Cameron behavior was odd and not like him. It has been revealed that his picked it up from another child within the nursery which is sad to think they let the behavior go unpunished only using a thinking chair. What three-year old understands the concept of a thinking chair.  I was also concerned as Cameron seemed to be playing by himself a lot when I arrived to pick him up. I was concerned that they hadn’t fully encouraged him to mingle and get involved in stuff.

The deputy manager then said it may be due to him being a cockney and them being stokes. At this I as hugely offended and felt discriminated against. So I reply with, so you saying it’s because my child is different.

Also when me and Cameron went to look for the books visible to the eye on quick glance is one book on a wooden shelf and a further fifteen books in a wire basket.My son couldn’t find them and he knows what a book is if you know what I mean.  This is meant to be a child’s play environment a playroom that isn’t messy do they not play!

Government says a child needs at least one hour a day outside to play, apparently having a corridor makes it less viable to get the children out everyday.  Again this is just lazy. I am surprised Ofsted haven’t closed them down. Today was the first time I saw Cameron’s file which outlines how his meeting the curriculum. All the other times the file wasn’t available or on site upon request.

Apparently early years foundation stage means a child would have to start again if they moved nursery, as they can’t take another nurseries observations and reports as part of that child’s education surely they just have to divide it up and say time spent at such nursery observations curriculum areas met etc. You wouldn’t restart any other curriculum but why is it so for the early years foundation stage.

Rant over,

On more positive notes New Art United seems to be taking off really well.I hope by doing this a diversity of art can be appreciated and valued in its wide range of styles, topics and origins of creativity.