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Poetry Book availability

Love, hurt and loss a collection of poetry I have now decided to unpublish on amazon and shall only be sharing poetry on here from now on much more easier and direct. Sorry if anybody wanted it as an ebook.


Staffordshire Bull Terriors

There is this stigma surrounding a world-wide set of dogs those that are bull breeds whether there pit bulls or staffies.

When people think of these dogs they think of the newspapers a small minority many of which were in the care of owners who abused and failed to train their dog properly. Many of the attacks occurring with the dog off lead.

Bull breeds are the main dogs you will find in a dog rescue and people won’t have them because of the negatively they see in media. What they forget that any animal has the ability to hurt its how they are trained and raised.

Before I had my staffie Izzy I was anxious around dogs ever since the age of five when I got jumped on by a great Dane making me fall backwards.

Since having Izzy she has had three dogs go for her none of which were staffies or a bull breed. And little dogs running at her. Izzy will bark and that’s it like any other dog.

Let me break the stereotype a bit here

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor

This is my son and our pooch.

My son is what they say shy around animals his school photos when he visits a farm and he just about manages to put two fingers on a guinea pig. But here he is fully embracing our dog.

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Here he is again having a cuddle and kisses whats known as the affectionate licks that a staffie does. ranging from five to twenty.

Image may contain: 1 person, dog and indoorImage may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, eyeglasses, dog and indoor

Not many dogs let you cuddle them like this but Izzy loves a cuddle she loves her fuss. She loves to watch you eat lol and gives you puppy eyes.

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My favourite picture of all this was in the first week of having her. She fell asleep whilst cuddling me.  In terms of out and aboutImage may contain: dog, outdoor, nature and water

she loves to watch ducks…

Image may contain: plant, dog, outdoor and nature

sniff everything lol which can add another 30 mins to a walk

Image may contain: dog

This is a happy face a doggie smile saying thank you for loving me. Not aggressive at all is it.

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This is her yawning sometimes her top teeth show mid yawning but she is just saying im tired.

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature

This is her workout happy smile yes the tongue it out teeth showing but she is just happy.

So please next time you see a bull breed see this not the headlines.  Say hello to the bull breed speak to the owner it might just change your view. Maybe even rescue a dog from a dog rescue.



To be me

To be me is like a flip of a coin,

Sometimes it’s good,

Sometimes it’s bad,

To be me is like learning to fly,

Sometimes I go high,

Sometimes I go low,

To be me is like a stormy sky,

Sometimes I’m kind,

Sometimes I’m a screaming chime,

To be me is like a fiction book,

Sometimes its real,

Sometimes it feels surreal,

To be me is like an endless roller coaster,

Sometimes its a chase,

Sometimes its a slow ticking clock,

To be me is like an avalanche,

Sometimes its full of love,

Sometimes its full of sorrow,

To be me is like a recipe,

Sometimes its full of loads of people,

Sometimes its just me,

To be me is like understanding an unclear mind,

Sometimes it’s having to many thoughts that are hard to put into words,

Sometimes it’s having too little not being able to break a silence,

To be me can be like a remote control,

Sometimes it’s pushing the right buttons making a seductive flirt,

Sometimes it’s the wrong button that lends you to bitch mode,

To be me can be like a critic,

Sometimes it’s I’ve done right today,

Sometimes it’s having self doubt,

To be me is like finding one word,

Sometimes I want to be someone else,

Sometimes I realize I am just me.

To be me,

Is accepting,

Is forgiving,

Is fighting,

Is vulnerability,

Is scary,

Is wonderful,

Is lovable,

Is sad,

But guess what…

Its fucking beautiful.-


Now I am not one really for politics but more recently it has left me more and more baffled. I personally see everyone as equal people and animals . I believe in basic morals love respect kindness and not to hurt. Which has left me wondering. What is it that stopping us being United on basic morals? Is it failing to accept difference? Is it having the very thing of politics that have set views left wing right wing that has swayed us away from basic morals. Is it people holding a view due to acts of a few people of a past dark time. Have we not learnt from the past. Do we see each other as better more supreme to another. Do we judge people for how they live or their culture. Do we aim for the perfect form of being human not accepting our faults  failure to accept that pimple on your face that ya hips are larger than another person. Why is it that animals seem to be able to unite within their species but we have failed to do so. Is it our own intelligence that has led to this.  Causing pollution killing animals when God what ever god or spirit saw us as equal. We seem to debate and divide on everything  yes decisions have to be made on healthcare etc. But it all baffles me. Please share your views without hatred hurt or offensive nature as I am really baffled. Any comments of hatred will be blocked.

Wrestling figures

Right so its xmas is coming up. My son has decided he wants doctor who sorted wwe stage mum and dad to get. But he wants divas wwe and old school ones as well. Now we were lucky with the bundle we got him a couple years back. Accessories two rings and loads of wrestling figures but sadly his got only one diva. If anybody knows where I can get divas for less than 22 quid let me know. Also think its sad that UK can only get so many figure packs there like released once then you can’t find them. One frustrated mum. 

Blood tests

So it’s. Over 20 degrees I’ve walked to my blood test from home sweating like hell. The wait is unreal talk about wanting to make anxiety fare up

Plus I’ve got to pick little man up in two hours oosshh isn’t the word right now.  Not only that I have the blood test she tells me to leave the bandage on for 30 mins. Five minutes in it’s starting to come off it’s that warm. Walked all the way back absolutely knackered.



Of a better tomorrow,

As I sit in depths of sorrow,

If only I can borrow,

A genies lamp to buy a little bit  of time,

Just to rewind,

To end these negative chimes,

To rest,

This negativity builds up like a pest,

Consuming and conquering everything,

Like its on a secret quest,

To dethrone our happiness.


Of our funny times,

How we always shine,

Everything  was fine,

Now that education does nothing but whine.

Trying cause fights,

Trying to keep us quiet and out of sight,

Emotions roar,

Soar and take flight.


Of a better tomorrow.

A lonely man

A lonely man can only grimace,

At what he sees before him,

A world full of sin,

His mind speaks history like a maze.


A lonely man can only be sad,

As he only remembers the bad,

When the war,

Took away what he fought for,

Eyes just filled with words lover and dad.


A lonely man recalls,

When he had to use that gun,

Not like cowboy and Indians for fun,

This was real, so chilling,

The noise still haunts him in every way.


A lonely man no longer smiles,

As he sees what happened that day,

He wishes he could wish it away,

Just for a little while at least,

Back then he felt as brave as a beast.


A lonely man can only hope,

That we don’t

See what happened in that war fight,

It was a heart wrenching horrible sight.

Now he feels nothing but broke.



No Matter What

No matter what,

I am always here for you,

Countless times of hearing tut,

Sinks deep inside and leaves you cut,

Can’t they see your adorable smiles?

That keeps people happy for miles,

We know how to have a laugh,

Even when you play with toys in the bath,

Your outgoing confidence I adore,

Wishing others will embrace,

Take as you are, as you are only four,

Instead they want education to be a race,

Let they probably don’t know fun,

Even if it stared them in the face,

No matter what the weather rain or sun,

Your energy is always ace,

Granted you may be cheeky,

In your ways,

Even a bit sneaky,

At times when you want to have your say,

Don’t they realize?

They can’t change you,

No matter how much they put us through,

You may not be perfect,

No one is, not even when you are eighty eight,

You may not always get it right,

Sometimes getting into a fight,

Trying to tame you,

Keep you out of sight,

Don’t they see how much time?

We have spent,

Putting their whining chimes to rest,

You can only try your best,

Can’t they move on and leave it to rest,

You’re only four,

Can’t they remember?

They were that age,

It makes my emotions roar,

Even since the beginning of September,

They have left nothing but bad,

It leaves me sad,

To think this is what they see as true,

At least no matter what,

You can always rely on us two.


Two Hearts

Melting of two tender hearts,
Captured together right from the start,
As their darkest secrets,
Their tender delicate vines,
Meet across the room,
Eyes are seeking out the mystery,
Whilst their hearts remain guarded,
As their minds try to forget their past history,
Am I rushing into this way too soon?
Eyes start to show that shimmering forgotten shine,
As past regrets,
Start to surface and show their deadly art,
That’s why lovers should never part.

Embraced in each others grace,
The seductive touch of a caress,
Upon one’s smooth silky flesh,
Sends shivers down ones spine,
As we lay together like a well-drawn outline,
Hands start slowly wonder east and west,
Undoing the black lace dress,
Our hearts begin to race.

There is no going back now as we both lay exposed,
Sliding the act of love takes hold,
The teasing ways of love,
Melting sensations,
Takes away the aches and stresses of the day,
As our bodies give way,
Love leaves you wanting more like an addiction,
Climaxing as we both tilt our heads and look above,
Our hearts catches its breath and feels sold,
As our rosy cheeks begin to glow,
Now our love will forever grow.